London Fellowship

For Yeshiva High School Alumni

In memory of Rabbi Yechiel London ZT’L – A project of Yeshiva Haichal Hatorah

The London Fellowship, is designed for Jewish students who went to Yeshiva High School, regardless of their affiliation or Jewish observance. The goal is to allow a safe space to explore many of the deeper issues, questions and problems within traditional Judaism in an open and direct way. Nobody will be judged for their opinion or position.

  • The program requires attendance in 8 one hour interactive classes in a house provided by the students. The classes will allow for questioning and debate and will feature free food and drink (Chinese food, pizza, etc). The classes will take place on a week night on campus. Students who miss a class must make it up by meeting Rabbi Goldberg individually. No more than 2 missed classes allowed.
  • Classes start Wed night Nov 12 at 65 Richardson St at 8:30 PM.
  • Participants are required to attend one off campus shabbaton in a Jewish community such as Highland Park, Lakewood or Deal. Attending a full Shabbat from before sundown Fri afternoon until Sat night is required. The Shabbaton will be a blast, with great, non judgmental hosts, tons of food, great speakers, etc.
  • Participants must submit a one page paper detailing what they got out of the program and a one page paper describing an idea, mitzvah, or element of Judaism that they now feel more connected to.

Participants who complete the 8 classes, one shabbaton and 2 one page papers will receive one of the following three possibilities:

  • A trip to Poland which will be subsidized to $250 off of the trip- current price $850 for summer trip: (Students must first be interviewed and accepted by Heritage Retreats. Acceptance into the London Fellowship does not guarantee acceptance onto the Poland trip.)​​
  • A $500 all inclusive (including flight) trip to Israel with going in May.
  • A $200 check.